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Kelp Shreds 10kg/Bag



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Kelp Shreds 10kg/Bag

Kelp Shreds 10kg/Bag
Packing: 10kg/bag
Shelf Life: 24 months
Storage: Cool dry place at normal temperature
Kelp Shreds
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Select fresh kelp from "Hometown of Chinese seaweed"- Xiapu, Fujian, made by washing, shredding, re-washing and steam drying

With characteristic fragrance of fresh kelp, crisp fresh and tender, flavour 


April of each year is the kelp harvest season, we will harvest fresh kelp from the sea back to the factory, the workers selected high-quality kelp, put it into the machine for cleaning, and then the machine automatically cut the silk, after the completion of the silk, the workers put the kelp silk into the shape of a round cake and a oblong shape, Then put it into a machine and dry it.

After drying, kelp silk has been formed, and workers once again check and select the dry kelp silk. In this process, the kelp silk with poor quality will be removed again, and the high-quality kelp silk will be packed and put into the semi-finished product warehouse.

After the factory receives the customer's order, the workers put the dried kelp wire in the warehouse into the metal detector for testing, then weigh it, pack it, seal it, and enter the finished product warehouse. Before delivery, the quality inspection department will carry out sampling inspection on the bags of kelp silk, and contact the logistics for delivery after passing the inspection. Except for drying, no other technical operation is carried out on the exported goods.

The production process is strictly in accordance with the standards of Chinese algae enterprises for process drying procedures. This speeds up the process of removing water from the algae from the industrial volumes of our plant.

The factory only carries on the initial processing to kelp silk, in order to facilitate the drying, cannot eat directly!



The production process of dried sea kelp  

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