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Fuzhou Hailin Food Co., Ltd., covering a floor space of 33 mu, was founded in Qibu Economic Development Zone, Luoyuan County in 2001. Because our company is near the mountain and by the river, Hailin enjoys a beautiful environment. At the same time, Hailin has three standard workshops which cover an area of 15,000 square meters. Thanks to the great support of business partners in the business circle, our company has witnessed continuous growth in production and business. In 2013, Hailin had a merger with Luoyuan Hailin Food Co., Ltd. which further integrates enterprise resources and enables our production technologies and product standardization to achieve continuous growth...

Jinhailin 300G Selected Sweet potato starch noodle

Jinhai 300G Sweet potato starch noodle

Jinhailin 500G Selected Sweet potato starch noodle

Haizhilin 80G Spicy seaweed soup



Address: Qibu Economic Development Zone, Luoyuan County,

               Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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